Monday, April 25, 2011

MOPS & POPS Banquet Programs

I'm using my Cricut for my first BIG project -- programs for my Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) banquet this weekend.  Here's a photo of the first front/back combo I completed:

 The embellishment is both layers of the Doily4 cut from Cricut Lite Lovely Floral cartridge.

But perhaps big project isn't the correct term.  With the Cricut, I only made 60 small embellishments to add to the program which was designed in MS Publisher and printed onto white cardstock from my computer.  But tying 60 ribbons and adhering 60 one-inch flower embellishments is becoming quite the chore.  And I should mention that I rounded all those corners manually with a punch!

Can you believe I actually considered inking around the edges of the top layer?  (Then I realized I was truly crazy.)

I ran out of adhesive about an hour ago, so I'll have to make a Michaels run tomorrow to finish this project.  Until then, I'm realizing I should have started this endeavor about a week ago... :)


  1. Everyone is sure to notice all your hard work! The programs look so professional! And when people ask, you can proudly say "I made them myself!" :)

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