Sunday, April 3, 2011

Boys Will Be Boys

I won $20 at work Friday, which can I not buy a new cartridge...?!

After work I headed to Walmart in the next 'burb over (one of the very few Walmart stores with a fabric/craft department remaining in the Houston area), but I didn't find anything I really wanted in their Cricut Lite selection.  I resisted the temptation for an immediate purchase, and I'm so glad.  Michaels has their cartridges on sale for $34.99 this week!  I went this afternoon and got Boys Will Be Boys.

It has some super-cute images that will look great in my son's second-year scrapbook.  It also has a car image that could easily be adapted as a taxi for this year's VBS theme, Big Apple Adventure.

And if you purchase three cartridges from Michaels between April 2 and May 31, Provocraft will give you a free cartridge.  Just keep your receipts, serial numbers, and complete the rebate form.

So eager to use this new cart!


  1. Congrats on your win! Always fun to spend money on crafting supplies! I have that cart but have not tried it yet--lots of cute images!

  2. Thanks, Mrs. Glenda! I haven't used it yet either, but it looks fun. Part of me is waiting on Jonathan's scrapbook until the next retreat. I think it's in August or September. Just not enough table space to spread out everything in the kitchen. :)

    And thank you for sending so many cool ladies my way to see my blog!!