Saturday, August 20, 2011

Couponing After Dark

The reason I haven't been crafting so much after dark lately is because I've been getting serious about my other "C" hobby -- couponing!

I've always used coupons here and there, but I got serious about saving money when my husband lost his job last year.  I thought I was doing pretty well until I saw Extreme Couponing on TLC -- and then I realized how much more potential these little newspaper clippings have!  I took a class from Coupon Kristin a few months back, and now my couponing is going into high gear.  My savings on most shopping trips averages around 50% -- and I think that's awesome for a newbie!

Here's a small purchase I made tonight at Walmart:

Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls (8 ct) - $1.98
price-matched to HEB (8/17 circular) - $1.00 x 5 = $5.00
- 2 x $0.50/2 manufacturer online printable coupon
=  $4.00/5, or $0.80 each

CapriSun Juice Pouches (10 x 6 oz) - $1.74
price-matched to Randalls (8/17 circular) - $1.49 x 3 = $4.47
- $1/3 manufacturer peelie (found on this shopping trip!)
= $3.47/3, or $1.16 each

Dial Liquid Soap (9.375 oz) - $1.47
price-matched to Kroger (8/17 circular) - $0.88 x 2 = $1.76
- 2 x $0.35/1 manufacturer coupon
= $1.06, or $0.53 each

French's Mustard (14 oz) - $1.48
price-matched to HEB (8/17 circular) - $1.00 each

Skinner Quick-Cook Pasta (16 oz) - $1.38
price-matched to Foodarama (8/17 circular) - $0.69 each

Kraft American Cheese Slices (12 oz) - $2.98
price-matched to Foodarama store coupon - $1.49 each

Crunch the numbers, and you'll see I bought $32.48 in product for just $16.79 (plus tax) -- that's a 48% savings!

This was my first trip to do both price-matching and coupons together -- and I didn't have a single issue.  Sometimes Walmart gets a bad rep for customer service, but my local Neighborhood Market has great cashiers.  The checker even said, "WOW -- you saved A LOT!" and when I thanked her for being patient with me she said, "That's why I'm here -- to help you save money."

So, do any of you crafters also do coupons?  I'd love to hear your stories!


  1. Great deals! I love to save extra money and use coupons all the time! I love that Wal-mart price matches and takes coupons! I have been getting the best deals at Walgreen's. I picked up toothpaste and deodorant for just pennies!


  2. Hi Jessica, glad to see your post my friend. I price match, not as much as I should but I do it a lot still. I don't do coupons because they seem to be much harder to come by but I would like to do it more. What tips do you have? Crafty hugs, ~Shen

  3. Holy cow! I am always in awe of coupon clippers. That 48% you saved will buy some nice craft stuff, right? lol! ;) Seriously, very impressive Jessica!
    Nita :)

  4. Good job!!!! I love all the posts I'm starting to see on crafter's websites about couponing! I've been an extreme couponer for the past several years, and have a blast with it. I was going to start a couponing blog a while back (since I was writing for other people's blogs!) but scrapbooking kept tugging at my heartstrings! So I kind of made a hybrid blog combining both loves...basically using a lot of the resources and techniques I learned while couponing, to help people who are willing to put the time into it, to get their scrapping supplies for either free, or pennies on the dollar! Check it out if you get a chance!

    Oh, my record so far for couponing is $287 in groceries, for FREE and I walked out of the store with $8 in Catalinas!!! (store credit) Of course this doesn't happen with every shopping trip, but it's SO much fun when it does!!

    Amy E.

  5. Love your post Jessica! You did save big at the store, good job. It's very interesting to me to hear about people using coupons to save money. Keep up the good work! Can't wait to hear more about your adventures, but I must admit, I miss your cards...

  6. I have never heard of this...what a fabulous idea! Thanks for the link to the lesson, I'm going to check it out. I do price match, just wondering whether I can do this in Australia?

  7. Use coupons. Target will take a manufacturer coupon along with one of their coupons and they give 5 cents off for each canvas reusable bag you bring in & use. Kroger grocery stores here double up to 50 cent coupons & triple up to 25 cent coupons. I found another big saving usage is When you purchase online & go thru they give you a % back. I just received a check for $21 from You can buy from WalMart online & have the items delivered to a store near you so no shipping cost and thru you get back a % on what you spent. Another is PetCareRx for pet items including Frontline & Heartguard. You do have to have a vet prescription to mail them for Heartguard. Is so much less in cost than buying from vet and online you can use to buy from PetCareRx.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  8. I LOVE couponing! I love saving money and getting my total at the end of the transaction. The most I have saved was a grocery bill that was 197 and I walked out paying 85 dollars! I had a TON of meat (BOGO) I love how our store does the buy 2 get 3 free specials, esp on chicken!! Happy savings. I am happy to be one of your newest followers!